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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment Products  


If you have hemorrhoids you probably are not in a position to be trying treatment products in a hit or miss situation. You probably need to know what is going to work and what is going to work right now!  


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There are many different types of treatment products and each category has a best product in it. There are creams, pads, devices and other treatment options.  


Deciding on the Best Hemorrhoid Treatment Products  


Believe it or not, lifestyle will play a huge roll in which of the hemorrhoid products are going to work best for you. The creams work best if you are going to be home for a few hours while the pads are a bit more portable and can be used at work. . 


There are devices that obviously are made to be used at home. It really depends on the when, where and what you feel comfortable using.  


For Example 


Creams are one of the most popular hemorrhoid treatment because they are the least invasive and folks feel a little more confident using them. There are oral treatments that you can take that will not only relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids but will also prevent hemorrhoids as well.  


Oral supplements do not work immediately though so there is a time constraint involved with this treatment. If you are really uncomfortable than an oral treatment can be used in conjunction with another treatment until the oral treatment starts working.  


The best hemorrhoid treatment is going to be one you are comfortable administering and one that works for you. A lot of people swear by the devices that work to freeze the hemorrhoid. This process is a bit invasive and a lot of people do not feel comfortable using it but those that do find it to be the best hemorrhoid treatment around.  


Some Tips  


Go with a product that you recognize. There are some products that have dedicated their entire line of products to the care and treatment of hemorrhoids. Think Preparation H or Tucks brands.  


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Both of these brand names are well known and familiar because they have proven themselves over the years to be great products that perform as they are supposed to.  


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Consider the cost and make sure you read consumer reviews which are always a great way to determine what has worked for others and what will potentially work for you!  









































Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home 


Hemorrhoid treatment at home is typically where most people treat their hemorrhoids. There are many over the counter preparations that are dedicated to treating hemorrhoids. Over the counter hemorrhoid treatment at home compounds range from simple creams and pads to devices.  


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You can treat your hemorrhoids at home using a few typical household items.  


What Are Hemorrhoids? 


Once you know what Hemorrhoids are than Hemorrhoid treatment at home makes a little more sense. Hemorrhoids are rarely serious enough to warrant medical intervention. They are swollen tissue of the anus, or they can be swollen veins.  


So the primary objective of Hemorrhoid treatment at home is to get the swelling down once you do that than the pain will cease.  


How To Treat Hemorrhoids 


There are a couple of different approaches to treating hemorrhoids at home. One of the easiest remedies you can use is a good ole ice cube. You want to cover the ice cube with some kind of cloth to avoid damaging the sensitive tissue of the anus.  


Just hold the ice cube on the hemorrhoid for a few minutes at a time until relief is realized.  


Witch Hazel is found in most over the counter preparations. It is a good idea to mix it up with a bit of water before applying just to be sure you do not become sensitive to it. You can apply Witch Hazel several times a day until the irritation disappears.  


Diet is a huge factor when it comes to the development of hemorrhoids. One of the best things you can do to treat hemorrhoids is to avoid the development of them. Diets that are rich in fiber and drinking plenty of water can offset constipation which is the number one cause of Hemorrhoids.  


Hemorrhoid treatment at home can be as simple as buying a donut to sit on. Often women develop Hemorrhoids during child birth, often they will disappear on their own without any intervention at all. Sitting on a donut will make the hemorrhoids bearable while you are waiting for them to heal!  


There are plenty of ways to treat hemorrhoids at home. There are plenty of natural remedies out there but remember really what you are treating is the symptoms there are no known cures for Hemorrhoids just preventive measures and treatment measures.  

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Most of the time Hemorrhoid home treatment should be done just to keep you comfortable.